dream sequance killing vaas

Utter nonsence this us just s filler in the game and an annoying one at that "definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" nice one jackass the people playing are doing exactly that on this level. Showing how smug you can be in the development process will put you down the fallout new vegas road my friend. :-D


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I feel like A dream sequence fight would have actually been cool. Messed up gun physics and stuff.

I want fallout 4!

I felt cheated that all the major fights with people I actually wanted to kill were QTE's, but the giant smoke monster that I don't give two rips about is a massive boss battle with infinite explosive arrows. There's no satisfaction in memorizing a three button sequence to "defeat" the guy that's been torturing you and your loved ones.


I just finished the game this morning. There were so many things that they got right with FC3. But what they got wrong they got WAY wrong.

While I would have preferred to use an explosive arrow on Vaas, we still got to kill him. Not a big deal. Also this game is way better than Fallout New Vegas and I LOVED FO NV.

Wah Wah