Dragons flying backwards?

All of a sudden, the dragons I encounter just circle overhead flying backwards, then they fly away.  At least they're smart enough to not take me on...


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That sounds like the patch from last week!  Speaking of dragons...I had one last night that was killing the frost trolls around me, like it was doing me a favor.  But it never landed near me, so I could kill it.  Maybe it was a "good" dragon?  And no, I never DLed that patch from last week, when I heard it was messing up the game...dragons flying backwards.  I started playing it offline.

Yeah, me too. Offline until 1.3. Until a couple of days after 1.3, actually. Going to wait for user reports.

Same thing here. After reading and hearing what other players were experiencing after downloading the new patch I  became hesitant and decided to hold off on downloading it. I really haven't seen any problems or glitches before that particular patch anyway.

And dragons flying backwards has been an issue commonly reported after playes downloaded the patch.

Ya, it sucks because the player can't do anything because it is considered "being in combat".