Dragonborn DLC (Minor Spoilers)

Anyone have any speculations on what new abilities they will add?


New level cap? (Past 100?)  New Skills?


What I want to see is s Dragon Rider Skill!!!


Ride a dragon into battle ... and dogfight!!!  (Or would that be Dragonfight?)


Strafe ground targets ... fly instead of Fast Travel ...


... the wonders will never cease!!!


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The first rumor report on this DLC advertised dragon riding.

Just look at the Red Mountain in the background. Manly.

Surely if the red mountian exploded then it would not even be there? I think the Dunmer are gets stupider as their gene pool  gets poluted with Kajiet genes. Thats certianaly something they would say.

I suddenly feel much more refined. Thank you.

"if it did they better add another 10-15 achievements because I'm not leveling up to 100 without any additional rewards".


How sad.

Just seen all the pictures on facebook, all I can say it is looking good.

[quote user="BlazedWithPower"]

Dragon fights in the skys over Skyrim. Maybe even fly to Cyrodil. Or to Morrowind and see what the Red Mountain didn't destroy.


Whats everyones obsession with Morrowind for peats sake?!

We got a whole new plot line/ twist on the dragonborn's story, new weapons & armor, possible dragon mounts and an ancient island to explore!

Why would anyone want to goto the ash pile that is Morrowind?!

Saw this Shacknews article today and figured this would be the perfect thread for it.

"Since the story revolves around the Dragonborn, many of the new features do too. You'll get new Shouts, Spells, a new Daedric realm to explore, and new paths for skills and abilities. One Shout, the Dragon Aspect, makes you considerably more powerful and can strengthen other shouts as well. You can use these abilities to dispatch new Ash Spawn and Riekling enemies. The DLC will also offer new equipment, like Bonemold and Chitin armors, and Stalhrim weapons."

There was also 12 screenshots accompanying it. Here's a couple:


Reportedly a shot of Ravenrock:

Ash Spawn:

Then the theory of the worlds most influtentual people really being giant lizards could be slightly more than a theory. But then you have to ask, how badly did the other races fail for argonions to be up top?

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