Dragonborn: Buggiest DLC yet?

After playing all the other DLC's available for Skyrim and Oblivion, I think this DLC is the poorest.  I am having a great time with the game but the issues I have had make it the worst.

I have never had so many freezes playing this game since Morrowind,  Going through doors seems to be the biggest culprit, console freezes and I have to restart.    The framerate lags alot and my interaction with the NPC's and followers has been less than perfect.  

Examples:  My follower, despite being told to wait outside, follows me into a home and although I am crouched, he is not.  I cannot interact with him anymore because he has no dialogue popup and tells me to leave the home as if he is the owner.  The residents are alerted and he is killed in the battle and then his body stays there forever even after I take possession of the place.

I encounter a group of Skaal who after talking to me, they turn into Werewolves and attack.  After a brief moment of me running away, they all run in place and cannot be killed.  

On several different occasions I have had enemies start spinning after being hit by an arrow, and then they fly in the air,spinning out of sight.

A dragon attacks Thirsk, all the NPC's stand next to me doing nothing while the Dragon pummels me to death several times.  The NPC's never once respond, or attack or die.  One continues carrying firewood back and forth between me and the Dragon.

I did love the history, lore, books and new stuff, but it falls short. 


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Yeah, I've frozen once on my alt, but thankfully thats the only freezing issue I've gotten. On gameplay side? No this DLC is best Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard doesn't really count that was sort of a filler for this.

Damn man, that sucks. Have you tried deleting and reloading the DLC? Shivering isle would do the same thing to me but fixed about everything once I did that.

Sorry you're having so many problems FlakJacket.  If the DLC is buggy as you say, it seems like we should ALL have similar problems. Yet, I had no real problems playing and finishing Dragonborn. No freezes. No framerate problems. No weird behavior from followers, NPCs or Skaal. How strange. Makes me wonder if you might have a problem with your particular XBox360, or maybe a corrupted DLC download?  The game (DLC) itself seems fine to me. Hope you are able to solve this mystery -- good luck..

It seems there's random people who the DLC doesn't properly integrate for. Deleting and redownloading the DLC fixes it in most cases.

Surprisingly I have been glitch free, this is way better than Dawnguard.

aside from the typical freezing, I have yet to encounter any glitches.  I always quit out via the main screen "quit" option.  I have done this with every Bethesda game (New Vegas as well) and its worked for me thus far.  No corrupted saves or anything.  Im still quite irritated at how buggy bethesda's products are though.  I know they are big games, have a lot going on and all that.  Thats no excuse for poor QC and poor coding.  Im still enjoying the DLC's thus far, even the less than popular Hearthfire.  


I haven't experienced any glitches in Dragonborn but Tel Mithryn for me has a terrible frame rate. When I move away from that area it's fine. Weird.

yea Camo, I get terrible frame rates there as well.  Same with some of the caves.  I actually, now that I remember, when I levitated into Tel Mithryn for the first time, i basically glitched out of the map and was walking around in space forever.  

I had one freeze there and that was the first time I went to Tel Mithryn. After that is when the frame rate dropped considerably for me. You would think that Neloth would be able to cast a spell to stop that from happening.

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