Dragon's Dogma : DA

Recently rented this game due to some good advice from ChainSmokingBob and I have to say I'm quite impressed with it. In love with the combat system and the strategic fights that will punish you for every little mistake you make. Similar to Dark Souls in a few ways, especially the whole look of the game. Of course they play completely different and are difficult on their own ways. I'm moving on to BBI already to go for the harder bosses and more challenging battles (Don't forget the loot!) and there is one problem - Rift Crystals. Need them to purify and I'm not sure what the player count is for this game at the moment, so it'd be nice if anybody on here who still happens to play DD:DA enlists my pawn and aid my RC count. I'd enlist yours without hesitation! Send me a friend request if you don't mind aiding me, I'd be more than happy to aid you also.

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Hey, add me so you don't have to pay to rent him, but my pawn is lvl 75 Warrior. Haven't gone far into BBI, but maybe changing him over to a Heal/Support Mage soon. He's big & bulky so he makes a great mule. Just don't forget to dump the stuff he picks up into your storage. He's a little bit of a klepto too...

He was great help against the Dragon at the end, used him as a mule for curatives + to keep himself alive. Now just moving through Everfall at the moment. He's been useful so far, probably due to his level being 20+ levels above mine but at least when I release him you'll get a tonne of RC from it. Wasn't aware you could get RC in the Everfall either, may just stick around there for a while before starting NG+

I may hop on and hire you if I feel the urge to play DD.

I would recommend against using high levelled pawns until you have a good grasp of the game. Having high levelled pawns decreases xp gains and lulls you into a false sense of mastery.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is indeed a great game, I am currently playing it on PS3.

I would be more than happy to help you guys out with some rift crystals if i had the expansion version..bought the original game when it came out new and then they released the DA version for full price and haven't talked myself into "re-buying" the game..again.I can't even use or find friends pawns that have the expansion version.Overall Dragon's Dogma is such a great game and one if not the only Capcom game i have loved in ages..

Loved it, yes I played it on the Ps3 but I did play the original on the 360.