Dragon weirdness

I went to Riften to collect the bounty for killing the Autumn Watch dragon. Talked to the crazy mage lady and agreed to go collect her stuff. When I got to Whitehelm I got sidetracked doing the Blood in the Snow sidequest. Apparently the game regards the house as mine even though it only has a bed and a couple of pieces of furniture (plus that place behind the wardrobe where I stashed the body) because I slept there and got a well-rested. I then went on to Winterhold to collect the last item, did some stuff around the college but then went back to Riften to give the mage lady her stuff. I also stopped at the Bee and Barb to see if there were any more bounties. I got another bounty for a dragon at Autumn Watch. I went back to see and sure enough there was another dragon there. So I killed it. And it didn't burst into flame or give me a soul. I kind of felt sorry for it. It was asleep when I got there and now I want to stuff it and bring it home. Speaking of home, while in Riften I went to check out the house there. Y'all are right it's a nice house in a good location. I noticed it can be fast traveled to by going to the stable so it's convenient without having to trek through the maze of Riften (which isn't nearly as confusing as Windhelm).


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does the dragons appear out of random or is it like timed or something and speaking of houses when u kill the owner does it become urs ik u can take anything after u do but i never trusted the game to leave some of my goodies there and i heard bout the dragon somewhere else i thought it was just a glitch also add me lol im sure u could help me out

idk jack bout enchanting and potions for blacksmith and crafting

Dragons just attacked the Winterhelm stables.  It was an elder dragon, he killed the caretaker and owner of the stable.  Thankfully the guards helped out and we felled him before he got the horse's.  I thought the weird thing is he appeared to be singling out the NPC's.  Glitch wise I felled a dragon near witchmist grove <-check spelling,  and the skeleton looked like it was break-dancing through the marsh. Even after I was heading over the hill I could still see it crawling around the basin.