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I have 26 dragon souls and the only shouts I can use are the ones activated by quests. What's the deal?


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You haven't explored enough.I've found plenty without being 'told' to.

Also,I believe the dragons are infinite as long as you don't pursue the main quest,while there is a finite number of shouts.so you could theoretically end up witth 200 'extra' Dragon Souls.I'm sitting on 34 and have used about that many.

If you ever see a dragon symbol (head) on your map, or compass that means there is a dragon wall there (usually guarded by said dragon) also explore!

If your ever exploring and you hear a chanting kind of noise, you are near a word you can learn. It will always be on the same kind of wall, (Bent round with word chipped into it.) Like others say, some are defended by dragons (With the dragon head as a symbol) some back be found in dungeons, caves etc. (There's one in the dark brotherhood lair for example)

It's all about exploring. :D

Also, make sure you listen for that distant sounding chant (sounds like Gregorian monks who may have switched to the dark side)...if you hear it, it's like the Nirnroot, there is a wall nearby.  For instance, there's a wall near Meridia's shrine, but you could easily miss it from the roadway if not for that sound.  Any time you hear that sound, make sure you explore thoroughly.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you continue the main quest to talk to the great beards the first or second time you can keep going to Arguine (SP) and ask if they've heard of anything word locations and eh will keep sending you on misc quests to learn the words

Learned shouts have to be unlocked with a soul, by pressing X

^^ I think that's what he was asking. He's found words of power but hasn't been able to use them since they're probably still grayed out. You need to press 'X' on the word you want to learn and this will use a previously absorbed dragon soul to unlock it.