Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

Anyone have any tips for these guys?

Yesterday I was getting my owned, so today I decided to try out co-op. First few tries I did it only with Solaria (or w/e he name is), and we could always get Ornstein down, he would die quickly, followed shortly by me. I have zero ranged (other then chaos fireball, which I use to kill Ornstein, and fireball which sucks), so I have to melee. This always leads to me either dying by the butt slam, or that stupid charging move.

I eventually tried doing it with other people, but I still lose. First time my phantom sucked horribly, second time my phantom  decided to kill Smough first (despite me wasting all my chaos fireballs on Ornstien and Ornstien was about to die), so we had to fight big Ornstien. We were doing good until I got my owned by the massive one shot kill move (which I didn't know existed)

Soon I'll be out of humanity (just wasted one by being getting invaded and getting two shot by some spell), so I'll have to do it solo. I don't see how it's even possible, I need a partner to distract one of them. I end up having no flasks by the time one of them dies (if one does die) when I do it solo.

Btw, I'm use lightning spear, and am level 43 or something with Str and Vitality being my best skill.


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Alright well you even said your main problem with this fight. You NEED projectiles, mainly FIRE. They are both incredibly weak to fire. Up your pyromancy flame to at least +7, but i suggest at least +10. Buy as many pyromancies as you can, and attunement slots up to 4. Equip Great Chaos, Fire Orb, Fire Ball, and Combustion. Also pick up some stamina boosters from the merchant atop of Sens Fortress. Get in the room, immediately eat a stamina booster, and melee the crap out of Ornstein with your Lightning Spear (or preferrably, a different weapon that has fire, or you can use Gold Pine Resin on to give it fire). Once ornstein bites the dust, just spam the hell out of Smough with your Fire spells, firebombs, etc. He will go down VERY easily with a Pyro flame of at least +7. I suggest getting Knight Solaire, and a random person to help, as one can distract one of them, while the other two take one out, then all three on the last one left. Just know that if you kill Smough last, you get his soul ,and armor for puirchase, not Ornsteins. With Smoughs soul u make his hammer. To get Ornsteins armor and Soul to make his awesome spear, you need to kill Ornstein last, which IS harder, but more worth it imo. Be warned, if you kill Smough first, Ornstein turns into SUPER Ornstein and is HUGE, fast, and deadly. Same method as Mega Smough to beat him, just spam him with fire.

..so should I back track all the way back to firelink shrine to get all this stuff?

Oh and one more thing, they are not weak at ALL to Lightning, so indeed get rid of that spear for this fight. I reccomend Quelaags Furysword, made with Quelaags soul, 10,000 souls, and a +10 Scimitar. Take these all to the Blacksmith in Anor Londo, he will make it for you. Does lots of Fire Damage if you upgrade it, and it hurts them a LOT.

Yes you should. Go back to Firelink, talk to the pyro guy, farm souls, level up your flame, buy more spells, then get back and go to town. There is a little known shortcut atop Sens Fortress to get down and up easily. All you do is step in the cage at the top of the tower, and it will take you to the bottom at the beggning.

I read on the Wiki that Smough was weak to fire..

but okay. Thanks, hopefully I will get it after I do this!

Yep great chaos fireball +15 takes a third of his life bar in 1 hit but you have to consider who you want to fight mutated fat boy gives you hell and the knight is much easier to kill. When the fight with both starts decide on who you want to fight in the second phase and then dont bother trying to get the other boss's bar down because once either of them mutates they get a new full bar of life.

A very easy way to beat this fight is to upgrade a shield to +10 and use the Moonlight Butterfly Soul at the nearby Blacksmith to create the Crystal Ring Shield.

The LT attack with the shield (ring projectile) will kill them in 4 or 5 hits each, take Solaire in if you like to bait them but it's not neccessary. Just be wary of the weapon becoming in danger if you overly spam and miss them, easy win. Afterwards the shield can be repaired even though it's Crystal.

Fully upgraded pyromancy, combustion and great combustion will make quick work of both these enemies.

Do NOT use anything that's continuous or creates a large amount of fire, though. I nearly had my game freeze up trying to use fire surge on them one time. A friend of mine had the summoner use flame whip and it DID lock up on him. Be  careful.