Dragon shouts

Have got words , slay dragons and nothing happenens except you need dragon souls to use ????? ( Bug maybe) also followed a priest into nightcrawler and he disapeared nowhere to be seen , is there something wrong with the disc i got????


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sounds like a host of bugs.  when you kill a dragon be sure to stay within a few feet of its corpse for at least 10 seconds so the soul can be absorbed.  as for the priest all I can say is reload a save game

Yeah, you need to absorb dragon souls, so you can later unlock words (a.k.a. shouts). When your navigating your Shouts menu, look to the bottom right to see how man Dragon Souls you have left to spend. Once you see a shout, or a word of power you want to unlock, highlight it and press "X". Happy shouting!

When I kill a dragon, I stand right in the middle of the burning corpse. The fire consumes him but doesn't hurt me at all. Then there's a blue swirl of light and the text announcement that I have absorbed a dragon soul.  As the other poster explained, the words to a shout don't activate until you spend a dragon soul on them. You do that by selecting the word on your shout menu and pressing the blue X button on your controller. Once you do it, that word is good for the rest of your game.

Once you initiate the absorption of a dragon soul (burning corpse), you can run as far away as possible and still complete the process.  You don't have to stand close.  But don't fast travel or enter another area, though, until the process is complete.  Afterwards, you go to you menu --> Magic --> Shouts, then highlight the shout you want to unlock and press X.