Dragon Shouts & Not Absorbing Souls

Everytime a dragon dies you absorb it's soul unless you're too far away.  You probably have 10 seconds or so to get close enough once the dragon goes into the death animation.  The other time you will not absorb the soul of a dragon even if your close enough is when you no longer need to.  This surprised me and I thought the game was glitched.  I had taken down 2 dragons and realized I was close enough to absorb the souls, but it never happened.  The reason I realized is that I no longer needed to.  I had recently discoverd all 20 shouts and the number of souls I collected previous to discovering the 20th shout exceeded the number of total words I needed to learn to fully speak each shout.  I have 18 unused dragon souls and need only 14 words to completely unlock and fully use each dragon shout.  This means I no longer need to collect the souls of each dragon I kill or help kill.  For all you capitalists thought you can still collect whatever loot is on the dragon and make some money.


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I always thought it was just a glitch due to I only need 4 more words to have it completed and I have 40 dragon souls unspent and I still recieve dragon souls. But I shall deffently take your thery into consideration!

Interesting theory. I have had a dragon I was fighting get killed by a mammoth in the last instant and I couldn't absorb the soul. I was right beside the dragon and this was after the 1.2 patch. Then, last night, I had two dragons show up at the same time. One targeted some Thalmor guards near by while the other targeted me. Suddenly, my dragon went after the Thalmor, so I ran uphill after him. There, I find the other dragon dead and start to absorb the soul while still fighting the second dragon.

I have had a few dragons I was close to that I did not get the souls.  In fact the dragons did not go to bone form, remained as is.  I was able to select "A" and take the money and bones/scales but no souls.  I wasn't too worried as I still have 34 of the 61 souls unused.  Still have a long way to go to get all the shouts.  Not sure how to find them without cheating and going on line for their locations; was hoping I would have more by now at level 52.