dragon not attacking me

There is a blood dragon that is following me around. He will not attack me unless I attack him. If I do attack he is just a generic blood dragon. I've only done two main and civil war quests. So it's not odhaviing the one you have follow you at the end of the game. At one point it was flying around and two wolves attacked me. It swooped down killed them with ice breath and flew away; there is no way it did not no I was there.


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I hate to do this, but pump.

Awwww.... it likes you. 

That's what my friend said when I asked for his opinion.

Something similar to this has happened to me before. A dragon will appear and just fly around absolutely docile. After hours of retrying through loading saves I could get it to engage me (or anything in general) but at that point I was miserably sick of the damn thing. It's pretty anticlimatic to see a dragon and know you probably couldn't get it to attack you even if your feet away from it shouting and firing arrows like crazy. Well, that and the fact that when it does fight you it's equally or even less intimidating than two large frostback spiders or a frost troll.


It's things like this that have kept me from enjoying the game half the time.

I'm pretty sure that is a random encounter in the game, saw something like that in the guide. A dragon will just fly above you not attacking, unless you attack it.

He was scurred!  

I've had one of those docile dragons... I see it every so often. I just ignore it.