Dragon Age - Point of no return

I have just completed the landsmeet in Dragon Age: Origins and basically i know the next quest is the point of no return, however i am only level 19, i have a few side quests left but not that many most are just collecting ones for Circle Of Magi.

My question is should i just finish it off, will leveling up be faster on second playthrough or should i do every side quest now? i have two dragons left to beat but now im level 19 should be easier, i beat Gaxkang who i heard was second toughest boss in the game.

Also i have completed three of the DLC's, i own them all but was told that the ones accessed through main menu contain spoilers and should be completed after the end game, does this mean my character is imported from the end game to the DLC?



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Firstly, What do you mean by levelling up faster on your second playthrough?  You will level up just the same.  If you finish this game at say level 20, there is no new game+, where you will start your next playthrough at the same level.  Not that im aware of anyway.  Is this what you mean?


The dlc.  I usually complete, The Stone Prisoner, Wardens Keep, Return to Ostagar, during the main game. Lelliana's Song, Darkspawn Chronicles, Golems of Amgarrak or sort of seperate stories.  You can import your warden character into Awakening expansion, and Witch Hunt.  You dont have to, but I find it better to do so, especially if you are attached to your warden.


The dragons I fight when I encounter them. Reason being, they have some good loot, and of course, the dragon scale's.  I just dont see the point in getting these goodies, and having no game left to enjoy them.  I sometimes die a couple of times, but if you save just before each battle, its fine.  I usually take command of the mage, if im not one myself.  Attack from range, and heal party members when their health is low.


As for starting the end game now, it all depends on what you prefer.  The battles will be no more difficult now, than after finishing up your last few quests.  Personally, im a total completionist, and would always complete any outstanding side quests, before completing the main story quest, but thats entirely your call.


Just out of interest, what class and build are you using?


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