Dragon Age O/2 and looking to the future

I have a few things to say to the Dragon Age community, as my thoughts and, please respect, OPINIONS about the game:

1: I have invested more time into these two games (i've had DA2 for almost 2 weeks and i've already invested around 200 hours into it) than i care (i have to lol because of my previous admission to time spent on DA2 alone) to admit, and i enjoy both

2: i've been reading other forums where most of the people were disgusted with DA2, sure, it was rushed, some actual time spend developing dungeon maps could have been nice, romances were bleh at best, like, Isabela for example, flirt a little, "oooh look, some foreplay", and bam, its pretty much done

3: Combat seemed, to me, more involved, slightly more depth, it was nice (compared to DAO) to actually have to tap the A button to attack rather than sit around auto attacking, occasionally using an ability with my seemingly endless pools of stamina/mana and never having to WORRY about how much i'm using and when to use them, it was, to me, seemingly uninvolved, where DA2 was not, i hope to see DA2's combat system come back for DA3

4: Why are people saying The Wardens story is over? I coulda sworn Cassandra Pentaghast said The Warden simply disappeared, like Hawke, hopefully, to seek sides in the Mage/Templar war or go into reclusive hiding until found to either A: come back as playable characters in DA3 (ooohhh, nice thought, pick one of the two, season with a little visual customization, toss into the class/gender blender, and BAM! they come back in DA3) or B: for a new character (the player, whoever, whatever he/she/it/elf/dwarf is) to recruit into the party to join them in the war, or C: allow the player to choose Hawke/Warden/FNG at the beginning of the game to give some more story progressing elements

5: come on peeps, give me something to add, correct, reply to


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I love both games even with its flaws and glitches. I do not think the Warden's story is finished. In fact I think both the Warden and Hawke's story has just begun. There is so much going on and I think something is going on with Flemeth, esp in regards to Morrigan. Seriously, I could talk all day about the probable story archs.

RE: Item #3

Love the combat.  Love the "Tactics" screen even more!  I spent a 3rd of my time playing the game just messing around with the tactics and seeing the results.  Other than the upgrades to "Tactics," CCC is the best improvement to the combat system.

RE: Item #4

People say "the Warden's story is over" because the developer said that the Warden's story was over.

Now, this just my interpretation, but I believe this just means that the Warden won't be the main character in any future DA efforts.  I suspect that the reason for this is that there are just too many variables from DAO to keep track of -- with six different origins and about that many different conclusions in addition to your in-game choices, coding for all those variables would eat up too much disc space and force them to do something like re-use the same dungeons over and over.  Hawke is simply easier for the developers to deal with: One overall story with a few choices of which "roads" to take (where they all lead to "Rome" ultimately anyway) make for a less spaghettified flow chart.