Dragon Age FAQ

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Dragon Age Origins FAQ

A collaboration between Ice Seraphim & Jazm1990 

1) Do Dragon Age Origins™ has any type of multiplayer? -No, Dragon Age Origins™ is strictly a single player experience.

2) The game is called “Origins”, Does that means this game is a prequel? -It’s not a prequel. The game is called Origins because there are 6 different background stories you can choose from. Each “Origin” story will explain your character’s motivations for joining the Grey Wardens. Additionally, certain NPCs  will react differently to you  depending on what origin story you chose.

3) Is it long? On how many hours would you say I could beat this game? -Well the game’s length depends largely on how much time you are willing to invest in doing sidequests and backtracking. Some gamers have reported that their first playthrough lasted around 40 hours. An educated guess would be that your first playthrough will take you around 25-30 hours to complete, that’s assuming you’ll be focusing mainly on the main quests and completing a moderately amount sidequests. A second playthrough might take you 28 hrs, if you complete every sidequest.

4) Are there any difficulty related achievements? -There are no difficulty related achievements in Origins or in Awakening. Only “Witch Hunt” and “Golems of Amgarrak” have achievements that require you to play on hard or Nightmare.

5) Is there any other in which I should tackle the main quests? -Although the game allows you to visit places like Denerim and Orzammar immediately after leaving the Lothering, you're not meant to do so until much later in the game. Unfortunately the game does not make this clear.  That’s why many gamers (including myself) find this game frustrating during their first couple of hours

  • Ostagar and Korcari Wilds
  • Lothering
  • Circle Tower
  • Redcliffe Village and Redcliffe Castle
  • Brecilian Forest
  • Urn of Sacred Ashes
  • Orzammar

6) The game keeps telling to travel to the party camp, where do I find this party “camp”? -The Party Camp is located in the Northeast corner of the World Map.

7) I’ve come across substantial amounts of equipment throughout my travels, where can I sell all the unnecessary equipment? -There are several merchants found throughout Ferelden. The Dragon Age Wiki has a
list with every merchant’s location and notable items they carry around.  Just keep in mind that Bodahn Feddic’s items are actually quite expensive in comparison to other merchants in the game.

8) Is there any way to increase my inventory capacity? -There are “backpacks” that can be purchased from vendors throughout Ferelden. Each backpack will automatically increase your inventory capacity by 10, up to a maximum of 120.  Backpacks cannot be sold back.

9) How do I give gifts? -Go to your Inventory and select the companion whom you wish to give the gift, then select the gift and press A.

10) Which gifts give me the maximum approval? -Ordinary gifts will give you a maximum of +5 in approval rating. There are certain gifts that your companions absolutely love which will give you maximum +10 in approval rating.  The Dragon Age Wiki has compiled a
list each gift with their respective approval ratings.


11) On which stats should I focus on? -Well that depends on the class you are using. Rogues benefit greatly from a high dexterity and cunning.  Other stats like strength and willpower are moderately beneficial to rogues. Warriors benefit greatly from high strength and constitution. Other stats like dexterity and willpower are moderately beneficial to Warriors. Mages benefit greatly from high magic and willpower.  Stats like Dexterity and constitution are mildly beneficial to Mages.

12) I’m not happy with the talents/spell I selected. Is there any way to rearrange my talents/Spells? -Sadly there’s no way in Dragon Age Origins™ to respec your Warden or any of your Companions. In Awakening, you can purchase a “Manual of Focus” which will let you respec your character. Then you simply take control of the character you wish to respec and use the Manual like any other tome in the game.. As long as you have enough money you can do this as many times as you like.

13) How do I unlock a class specialization? -You can unlock specializations:

  • Certain specializations can be purchased from specific  vendors across Ferelden 
  • Most specializations can be learned from companions (if your approval is high enough) and  certain  NPCs
  • Few specializations can’t be learned from a tome or any companion. These specializations are unlocked through plot events.

Once you unlock a specialization, it will remain unlocked on every subsequent playthrough.

14) How do I unlock the “Reaver” Specialization?[SPOILERS] -During “The Urn of Sacred Ashes” quest, you will meet a man named Kolgrim in the Mountainside Caverns. He will ask you to help him by pouring a vial of blood into Andraste's Ashes.  Once you reach the Sacred Ashes you’ll have the option of taking some of the ashes and then pour the vial. He’ll be waiting outside the Gauntlet and teach you the Reaver specialization.  It is recommended that you do not have Wynne or Leliana (unhardened) in the party when fouling the Ashes as they will automatically attack you.

15) How do I unlock the “Blood Mage” Specialization? -[SPOILERS] -You can only unlock this specialization if your character is a Mage. During the Arl of Redcliffe quest line, choose to enter the Fade to kill the Desire Demon.  When you reach the end of the Fade, you'll meet up with the true form of the Desire Demon and will be given the option to converse with her or fight her. If you choose to converse with her and strike a deal, the Blood Mage specialization is one of the rewards.

16) I keep using potions but my injuries are not being healed. How do I heal my Injuries on the battlefield? -You’ll need an injury kit to treat them.
To heal you or any of your companions:

  1. Select the character you wish to treat,
  2. Press LB to bring up your Radial Menu,
  3. Go to “Potions” 
  4. Select any injury kit.

17) Is there any benefit of paying wade for making the armor with the drake scales? -If you pay him at least once, you’ll get access to the Superior Dragonbone Armor (one of the best massive armors in the game).

18) I obtained the Superior Dragonbone armor, but now Wade’s store is closed. How do I keep it opened and still get the Superior armor? -Simple, just pay him once and only order one set of drake scale armor.  If you paid him twice and got both the "Drakeskin armor" and the "Superior Drakeskin armor", the store will close permanently.

19) I’m stuck in the “Lost in Dreams” quest, in what order should I tackle each area?

  1. Travel to “The Raw Fade” area and get the Mouse form.
  2. Travel to “The Darkspawn Invasion” area and get the Spirit form.
  3. Travel to “The Burning Tower” area and get the Burning Man form.
  4. Travel to “The Mages Asunder” area and get the Golem form.
  5. Once you get all the forms it’s just a matter of going back and complete each area. Don’t forget to free your companions

20) How do I get Duncan’s Shield? [MILD SPOILERS] -To obtain Duncan’s Shield, you’ll need to get access to the Warden’s Vault that is located at the Warehouse in Denerim. The only problem is that you can’t open the secret door until you rescue Riordan from the Arl of Denerim’s Estate. Once you rescue him, give him the "Grey Warden Papers" and finish the quest.  Afterwards, return to Arl of Redcliffe Estate and ask Riordan about the papers you gave him; He’ll then tell you about the location of the vault and how to access it.  

21) How do I access my downloadable content?  

  • "The Stone Prisoner", the "Warden's Keep", and "Return to Ostagar"- These sidequest are accessed  by traveling to dlc locations in the world map  (these locations will be in golden color)
  • "Darkspawn Chronicles", "Leliana's Song", "Golems of Amgarrak""Witch Hunt"- These are accessed by going to the main menu and selecting “New Game”.

22) In what order should I play the downloadable content? -The order I would recommend is the following:

  • "The Stone Prisoner", the "Warden's Keep", and the "Return to Ostagar" dlc should be anytime during your Dragon Age Origins™ playthrough.
  • "Darkspawn Chronicles" and the "Leliana's Song" should be played after you beat DA:O.
  • Afterward you should start with Awakening.
  • Then the "Golems of Amgarrak".
  • Lastly, the "Witch Hunt".

23) Once I’m done with the main mission, Can I go back and complete any sidequests I might have missed? -No. You'll have to start a new playthrough or load to a previous save, if you want to complete any sidequests you missed. Once you finish the game you can only complete the dlc sidequests (Warden's Keep, The Stone Prisoner, and Return to Ostagar)

24) Since I can’t complete sidequests once I complete the main quest. Is there any point of no return I should be aware of? [MILDLY SPOILERS] -After you complete you complete the Landsmeet you’ll be asked to rendezvous with Arl Eamon in Redcliffe, and once you enter the castle you won’t be able to travel elsewhere. Personally, I try to complete every sidequests before I complete the Landsmeet, just to be safe.

25) I imported my character into Awakening and he’s naked! - Does your equipment transfers to Awakening? -The game will import the items that your Warden has equipped and items he has in the inventory. Any Items your companions have equipped and any items in the Party Chest will not be imported. Additionally, some DLC items will not be imported into Awakening (like Starfang).

26) Do I get any of my party back in Awakenings? -You get one party member back, however, others have cameos.  Make sure you remove all items from them prior to importing into Awakenings.

27) Where can I import a character I created from/to? -You can import from Origins to Awakenings, Golems of Amgarrak, or Witch Hunt.  Or you can import from Awakenings into Golems or Witch Hunt. Or you can import from Golems to Witch Hunt.  You cannot import “backwards” as these happen in sequence.

28) Is there a specific order to complete the main plot quests in Awakenings? -No you can complete the 3 main sections in any order you choose, however, they are listed below in order of difficulty.

  • Wending Woods
  • Knotwood Hills
  • The Blackmarsh

29) Where do I get the “Manual of Focus” to reset my talents/spells? -You can purchase these from Heren at Vigil’s Keep for a price of 6 gold.  Keep in mind that once you use it, you will be naked until you assign all your stat points again so don’t panic!!

30) I gave Anders a kitten as a gift & now he shows up in my inventory. What gives? -Sir Pounce-a-lot is basically a “Revival” spell which allows you to resurrect knocked-out companions.


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Great FAQ!

Great job, funny thinking back to asking some of these questions myself now i am i like /facepalm. only comment is Denerim is always my first stop after lothering. Lots of side quests, some the of best shops especially mage shop for mages (thades whatever) and Gorim is super useful is you are a dwarf noble. other then that ya it can be overwhelming but most of the areas other then redcliff village and mages tower you can come and go from. My first game i played as a rogue and went to bercillian forest just to get the rogue gear from the shop but then went and did other missions.

I will agree orzammar is kinda smart to leave till last. I think it is the longest and most challenging.  

i have completed dragon age origins and i was wondering if i can start the game again with my charecter cause i just put 40+ hours into him i dont want to lose him an help would be good

@BOB777: Sadly, you can't start a new playthrough with the same character like in Mass Effect. What you can do is import  that  character into Awakening, Golems, or Witch Hunt.

Very nice post Jazm1990

Its just a shame the Origins threads are dead!

I agree! I visited that thread often :(

[quote user="Jazm1990"]
30) I gave Anders a kitten as a gift & now he shows up in my inventory. What gives? -Sir Pounce-a-lot is basically a “Revival” spell which allows you to resurrect knocked-out companions. [/quote] Kitten?! I missed this.. where is the kitten?

[quote user="AbsoluteApril"][quote user="Jazm1990"]
30) I gave Anders a kitten as a gift & now he shows up in my inventory. What gives? -Sir Pounce-a-lot is basically a “Revival” spell which allows you to resurrect knocked-out companions. [/quote] Kitten?! I missed this.. where is the kitten?


Its in the expansion pack called Dragon Age: Awakening. Its a standalone game where you can import your character (assuming he/she survived the final battle) into a new area, where a new darkspawn threat has emerged. I would recommend it if your a hardcore fan, tons of new stuff, including the ability to respec your character.

Well that explains it, just started Awakenings, maybe 30 min so far. Thank you for the answer!

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