Dragon Age 2 was awesome but....

The game is called Dragon Age... Why is there not more interaction with the woman who could turn into a dragon? I was a bit disappointed and was hoping she would have more of a storyline in the game!

I was not very happy with how the game ended, I felt there should have been more to it.  After killing the Knight Captain, boom.. its over..?

What happens to the town?

Am I their new leader since everyone above me is now dead?

I killed all of Merril's elf village off and she didn't act sad at all afterwards and they just dropped that part of the story..?

Whatever happened to the blight, I never killed them off? They are just running around terrorizing the place while I kill off blood mages?

Whatever happened to the King of Ferelden, he came to me and talked to me real quick and then he fell off the grid.. I thought I was going to be able to go back to Ferelden and whoop some blight @@@?

I just have a lot of questions at the end and felt there should have been more, I did have a blast though but when the game ended I was like uhhhhhh, what about all this other stuff that was going on?


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I think Dragon Age 2 was left with unfinished things such as Flemeth and the champion's unknown whereabouts in the ending so that they can build the story later on.

Well the reason it is called 'Dragon Age' is because it is set in an era called the 'Dragon Age'.

Secondly you won't see Alistair/The King of Fereldan again because he clearly stated he was going to have to solve other problems, regarding Orlais.

Thirdly, the reason the ending being unclear is to make way for more dramatic DLC's, books, and other various schemes. Inevitably however, yes, it's a bummer.

The character development wasn't as entrenched to the storyline in DA2, so you only get one scene where Merril expresses her sorrow for the loss of her clan, if you should choose to kill them. So you should still know that  she is sad.

The blight was ended, you are coming in a bit late bro.

Depending on your actions at the end of the game, you do become the Viscount, Varric mentions this.

In short, await more DLC.

I was a bit disappointed in Dragon Age 2 since it didn't seem to revert back to the original one except for a couple of short instances. With that being said, I'm hoping for a huge Dragon Age 3 that will merge both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

It's about time they announce something about Dragon Age 3 anyway so I can't wait til E3. If BioWare is going to announce it then my money is at E3

The High Dragon took multiple attempts for me to defeat on regular difficulty, that's enough dragon for me in one game.

Also, Dragon Age isn't called that because of an abundance of Dragons.  It's named for the Age it's set in (called "The Dragon Age), which was named by the Divine because at the end of the Age before it (the Blessed Age), a Dragon (by that time, a rare beast) had appeared and was raging around in the world.  The Divine took that as a holy sign and thus named the next Age after it.

With the DLC there are a total of 4 dragons in DA2 that I have found.

They should bring back KotOR1 to the xbox 360, that was a classic game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III is a canceled video game in the Knights of the Old Republic series and is a follow up to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. According to designer John Stafford, "we got quite a bit of traction... we wrote a story, designed most of the environments/worlds, and many of the quests, characters, and items." However, when the game was close to starting development, LucasArts hit a difficult period in the company's history which led to the project being canceled. Though personally I think it became Star Wars The Old Republic... but that's just me.


[i]Jade Empire 2 has been confirmed and strongly hinted at for the Xbox 360. When EA Games bought out BioWare/Pandemic they listed Jade Empire as one of the IPs (intellectual properties) involved in the sale. There is no official information on Jade Empire 2, but BioWare, who does not normally allow rumors or speculation about future games in their message board community has allowed a wishlist for JE 2.


On October 15, 2009 Gamespot published an article that states the Jade Empire property is in limbo. The article notes that Ray Muzyka had said "BioWare definitely plans to continue the Jade Empire franchise" in November of 2005, there has been no concrete information since then on development of a sequel. However, as recently as Febuary 2010 BioWare has hinted in the Official Xbox 360 Magazine that we should not "count out the studio revisiting this franchise in the not-too-distant future…” .lead designer on Dragon Age: Origins doubted that a JE sequel was in active development, but mentioned the IP as being a staff favorite and that they would love to revisit it at some point.

"BioWare makes trilogies, so whatever questions are left unanswered, hopefully may be answered in the third installment/DLC."


Then where is KotOR 3 and Jade Empire 2 and 3?

IIRC, there are two dragons to fight in DAII, both near the Bone Pit. First when you go through the mine itself and exit to the outside on the small plateau, and the second time when you fight the High Dragon (where upon it's slaying it drops the Champions' body armor).

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