Dragon Age 2 Online Pass Activation

Hello everyone. I bought Dragon Age 2 and was quite surprised to see it included a free download of the Black Emporium via online pass code. I have my XBOX connected to the internet already and when I try to redeem the code through the Marketplace it then asks me to sign up for XBOX Live. After entering all my information I get an error message saying "locale not supported". The question is, just because there isn't any Xbox Live coverage of sorts here in the Philippines does that mean any online content I'm already entitled to can't be accessed and downloaded? Isn't that a bit unfair? I mean, here I am able to access any site using the internet, watch all the game demos and yet my Xbox is being blocked to access stuff I've purchased already just because they don't have any service here? Can I just try to sign up for another Windows Live ID and just choose the US as country? I'm sure they can tell through my ip address where I really am though, right? I'm really getting frustrated here.. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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This is ironic. Considering the Phillipines is where the useless XBL call center is for New Zealand and Australia.