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I wanna buy an xbox, i really wanna drag race, which is better for dragracing, xbox one (forza 5) or xbox 360 (forza 4)


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i dont know. which motor would be better for a skyline? a gallo 12 or a gallo 24?

Forza 4.


If I remember correctly Forza 5 lost the drag tracks and it lost a hell of a lot of other features anyway.

Yep Forza 5 was rushed so it has few features forza 4 has... =(

forza 5 is easier to play than forza 4, but I find it hard to drift in forza 5, and the whole finger vibration is a little distracting, the graphics just seem darker, forza 4 still remains the best simulation racing game of all time. a game for car lovers, and a game to make car lovers want to play

"best simulation racing game of all time."......   not really, the best sim on console perhaps, but go check out what is available on PC.  forza is not much of a sim at all if you include PC games...

What PC game can compare to forza 4? the best simulation racing game of all time?i would like to know as I will be getting a top end gaming pc to connect to my 55 inch tv with an hdmi cord. if there is a game better that forza 4, I would really like to know.

If it's really the simulation aspect you're interested in, the answer is "pretty much any of them". iRacing, rFactor, Game Stock Car, anything by SimBin, and (when they're released) Project Cars and Assetto Corsa are probably all better racing *sims* than Forza. None of them really have Forza's pizazz, though.

look into it, as GallusNumpty mentioned above, just about any of the PC sim dwarfs forza.  just have a look at GTR 2 for example. the game came out about 10 years ago, it looks as good or better than any forza version to date and the physics and AI are way better than any forza version has ever managed to produce, there are a couple of newer versions too that are even better.  educate yourselves by watching youtube clips and reading up on it online and you will not think forza is all that ever again.  and if you went through the driving tutorials in GTR2 and then came back to forza you'd be way, WAY faster as well.  forza is not even a good sim, let alone the best.   and the punchline is,  on PC just about all the DLC is absolutely free(for many games), and you can get about any track you desire. this is simply not the case with forza or any console game...