DR3 Demo wont start!

Im having trouble playing the DR3 Demo, ive rebooted my xbox one and ive also tried reinstalling the game. Once it passes the "Capcom" logo it goes to the title screen and it just keeps saying "loading..." never giving me the option to "Press Start" or "A"

Ive been having the same problem with the NBA Live 14 demo aswell, i can press start, but it wont give me the option to play a quick game. It seems like every demo i downloaded so far wont work for me. Anyone else having this problem? or know a solution to this!


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Worked for me... but only 2 times since that's all we can play. I get the 20 min limit but only 2 play throughs? That's stupid and pretty stingy of them.

I cant get passed the dead rising 3 menu. It just keeps saying "loading" never giving me the option to move forward.

I've got the full game. I installed, played until reached level 2, there's a graphic glitch at the garage (rendering not complete, invisible items/weapons), when entered garage, quit working. uninstalled/reinstalled 3x, won't load past the Capcom cube logo.  Come to think of it, the demo had the same incomplete graphics rendering. weapons / items invisible but can be picked up and used invisibly, froze upon entering garage.  I can't believe I paid 60 bucks for a jacked up game.