DR3 COOP problems

I have my NAT open (although the hidden multiplayer detailed stats says I'm behind a cone nat). I have the latest model of Xfinity "One" router, I set my Xbox One IP to static and put that IP in the DMZ, just to be safe, I also forwarded all the recommended ports for Xbox One, and I also enabled all the port triggering, and made sure UPNP was setup (ALL  this stuff was untouched before Xbox One, it just worked on my Xbox 360 -- I think the router recognized the 360 UPNP calls).

My friend has his NAT open as well. 

We can chat on the Party chat together but we can't play together, once again, we both have our NAT reporting (OPEN).

We both were past Rhonda's garage. He invited me, but then after it says its joining, it almost immediately says the connection to host was lost and kicks me back to my game. I need to endure the loading screen for about 30 seconds and then I'm dropped back in my game -- losing any progress I may have accumulated since my last save (WOW--just wow, what a design problem)

When I try to invite my party mate to a game, it almost immediately says that the invite failed -- he doesn't even get pulled out of his game, its like my invite didn't go anywhere.

Based on everything I have experienced on Xbox One, the very worst of it has to do with the Network configuration setup and the party system. I think the proof that this launch was rushed is right here in the multiplayer networking set up.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how I can get the coop working. As it stands, I can't really recommend an Xbox One to my friends.




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This is the same for me. my friend n I have never had prolems he is in usa and im in australia but he can play with other australians n i can play with other americans it has nothing to do with internet we tryed eveything we did the 13gb update and still nothing this is happening to a lot of people on other forums wether capcom or microsoft is at falt this has to be fixed and im over it lets get some help plz microsofts new upcomming update might fix but by the i will be on titanfall such a dissapointment on both ms n cc for now help on forums or any other support there are alot of huge DR fans with this problem posting about this but there has been no replys ? Have not played with my good friend that i have been playing on xbox with  for 4 years yet day 1 till now 22 jan 2014

Same here. I live in Japan and my friend in France. We can play all 360 games and Xbox One game in coop and multiplayer but impossible with Dead Rising 3. Its like this game doesnt support a too high ping i think ... I really hope that the march's update will fix that because since the 22th november i didnt play Dead Rising 3 ...

So besides all the complaints/comparisons does anyone actually know of a solution to this problem?  

Still no solution to this because a friend and I are trying to get coop to work and it's becoming very tedious.  The fact that it seems to be spread out is telling that it's not the players and it's the system/company.  The Xbox 360 had the perfect setup on joining a friends game or inviting them to play, so why change that and build something so complicated?  Or was it just overlooked in an effort to push the console out for sales?  

It was bad enough that the Xbox One doesn't support HBOGO, but now we have to deal with coop issues.  If this is what I have to look forward to with moving forward with other titles then I'm going to break down and buy a PS4 as my friend suggested because this is ridiculous.

End of rant.

Still impossible to play coop from Japan with my friend in France. All the others online game runs perfectly : xbox one and 360.

Whats happen with this game ?!

My friend and I were having similar issues.  It turns out one of us had single player mode on.  Once in game, press start and select "play style".  You should be able to fix it from there.  Hope this helps!

Im having the same problem with a friend of mine who lives in Austrailia and ive tried to play with a friend who lives in the same city as me, but it never seems to work. I really dont understand why this game doesnt work. Cant we sue for false advertising or something cause its really annoying that weve yet again been duped by microsoft and payed full price for a game that isnt completely debugged of the essential requirements?