DR2 vesus DR2 OTR

I have read that DR 2 Off the Reocrd is the exact same game as DR2 but with a new area and with Frank West.  Is that true?  I have not played DR2 but was thinking about picking up OTR.  Thanks in advance.


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DR2 Off the Record is Dead Rising 2 in an alternate reality where Frank West is Chuck Greene and while the game engine and pretty much everything is the same there are a few tweaks to the story which I will not detail, there are a few minor graphical, area and weapon changes but nothing to get excited about.

OTR is way better. Frank also is far better than chuck. His moves were meant to take out multiple zombies.

While I like both Chuck and Frank, I prefer Dead Rising 2: Off The Record because of the sandbox mode.  In sandbox mode, you can explore the entire game without time restrictions, something no Dead Rising has had before.

i will say buy them both the r great games specially when play with friends but DR off the record is more polish but i think that if they going to do another DR they will continue from DR2

soulreaper H is correct on all fronts! Couldnt agree more!

DR3 is not being continued from DR2. New character, a small city like case zero but much bigger. It looks to be amazing so far. Will it be the best one yet. Most likely.

[quote user="BAD 2020"]a small city like case zero but much bigger[/quote]

You know that doesn't make sense right?