Dr. Saleon?

I'm playing through ME1 again, and I was just talking with Garrus and he mentioned the incident with a doctor Saleon (never spoke this far in previous playthroughs) and now I have the quest to look for him, but I feel like the name Dr. Saleon looks familiar. Is he in ME2 or ME1 (outside of the quest) at some point? I can't quite pinpoint it.


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I think garrus may mention him in ME2. Not 100%, but im pretty sure Garrus refers to the mission you are talking about now.  Im sure you will get a definitive answer shortly...

He's not in the second game because "Dr. Heart" is killed no matter what happens. I don't think he is mentioned in the 2nd one though.

He doesn't mention him, but he makes a vague reference to it on his loyalty mission when you are in the room were you pick up the pass for the Asari stuck on the Citedal.

I see, thanks guys. Not sure why I thought I had seen it somewhere it else.