Dr. Pepper and EA Promotion for Battlefield 3

I saw it advertised in The Spotlight on the Dashboard today, does anyone know what the exclusives are for Battlefield 3 for Dr. Pepper codes? Are there any yet? Its advertised on the dashboard so Im assuming there has to be something for BF3.... Who drrinks THA DOCTER?


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The codes are now active on the Dr. Pepper website.  Although the reward may not give you the right item.  First of all, the character skin is only camo.  It's not a SPECTACT and doesn't change your character's avatar.  The dog tags may not give you the proper one either.

I think all you get is dog tags

Dr. Pepper BF3 Promo Content.


I had a bunch of leftover codes in my account so I got everything for the 360. 

I'm living in Russia, could you, The Blessings, or someone give me code please? E-mail: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.

SPECTACT skins are back.

I emailed the Dr Pepper promotion dept and got the following reply on Wednesday Oct 26th, "DLCs for Battlefield 3 should be up on the Dr Pepper site by the end of

this week."

Nothing on the webside yet, I have about 6 codes that ive been holding onto for about a year now waiting for the moment to cash in on BF3. ill let you know when something pops up.

problem im having is the EA site wont let me register my game, it is not showing BF3 being played online. Therefor I might have the same problem as Medal of Honor I used about 8 codes on MOD and got nothing. I just redeemed the MP skin and the lonewolf dog tag, crossing fingers it works when i get home from work.

Once i redeem my code on Dr Pepper website for Battlefield I never received my code for xbox 360. What am i doing wrong?