dr eva . priority mars

this is my second playthrough on normal and i had no trouble killing her in the first, but i just cant kill her in this playthrough.

my weapons are

mantis VIII (slow reload time sniper)

scorpion V (fires sticky granades)

i am equiped with the scorpion when the slow mo starts and fire three shots into her body and head which knock her back, one granade goes off leaving her with one health square left, she then kills me before the other two granades explode.

if i change to my sniper i only get time for one head shot before i get killed, i have shot her with one weapon and swapped to the other but still just one health square left, even using adrenalin to slow things down wont work.

surley you should be able to kill her with any weapon in the game. it looks like i will have to start the mission again and have another weapon setup.

has this happend to anyone here or only me


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Lower the difficulty?

Or pick better weapons.  I mean, you knew what the mission involved from your first playthrough so why choose such slow firing weapons?

i chose these weapons because i thought i could take her out  with a more powerfull weapon

Don't use the scorpion, you will have to restart the mission with a different gun.

Wow, I never had any trouble with this part... even on insanity. That being said, I always, always, always have a 'standard projectile' firing weapon with at least semi rapid firing rate as a fall back. Usually (99% of the time) it's an assault rifle. Once I get an assault rifle (you should at least have the M8 avenger by now) I carry it as standard load out unless you have a decent pistol. Not that the scorpion can't get the job done, but... apparently in this case it isn't working. JMO, but if you don't have or can't use the Avenger, I'd go with a standard pistol that has a decent firing rate and try that.

The Scorpion basically fires proximity mines this is likely the problem.

I enjoyed that whole level on insanity, it's quite a challenge with an imported ME2 character.

I had same problem  on insanity difficulty. Scorpion was a mistake. Most did not detonate before the time expires.

Definate re-start mission.

I suggest you make a save at the point you enter the base and see the weapons bench there just in case on the next play through.

actually, the "problem" with that part is, yet again, another failure on bioware's part. in that part it doesn't matter what powers you have or how powerful your gun is. it only matters that you have a gun with a good firing rate.

Pretty obvious what to do. Get a faster firing weapon such as... the first one you get???

i used the standard pistol you get from the start of the game and did it without problem. I think the guys above were right about it being firing rate rather than base damage.

i started again and shot her 3 times in the head with a standard pistol and she went down easy, but would you not think one shot from a powerfull sniper would do the same job

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