Downloading this game...have some questions.

I just played the Demo because I was not sure if I would like it because I did not like Dead Rising 1 nor 2. I hated how they timed you on everything. So I heard this was do what you want when you want type of game.

So as it is downloading I have some questions:

Is the co-op available right from the start? Or is there some tutorials I have to finish first? And Is there an option to where people can join when they want?


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Co op is not avail for the start, it's about 15-20 min in. Once you get to Ronda's garage. That time from the games start and Ronda's garage is the tutorial. You choose the type of player you are from the start and that determines what kind of ppl can join your game or if any can join at all.

Yes players join your game at any time. I didnt like the other dead risings either but I have been hooked on this one.

It's avail from the start? I thought it was Ronda's garage?

I tried inviting a friend once and it didn't work till Ronda's garage

Honestly I dont know when you can :/ I just recently been on line and that was around ch 2 or 3

I only had one person join me so far :/ feel free to add me and join my game anytime me and my girlfriend usually switch on and off playing.