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Is it possible to download the maps from my mates house if I just take my hard drive there and redeem my gamertag but use his console? Thanks


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I think so.  You should be able to play the maps on the HDD no matter what console you attach it to, as long as you use the same gamer tag.  But why not just take your console to his house?

You can but is your friend not getting the maps?

You can play from his console and use his map pack with your gamer profile if you have it saved to a flash drive.

Yes but your mate won't get them too.  They will be on your hard drive but he can use them with you.

From what it sounds like OP, you want the maps but don't want to pay for them. The system doesn't work that way.

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You will be able to play them at his house on his console but when you redeem your account onto his console it does not link the content to your account. So when you leave and redeem your account on your console the content would not be available to you. Good attempt to cheat the system but you must think harder young one.

Lol,They would'nt make it that easy.

I'm going to presume that you are an upstanding member of society and not looking to fiddle the system...  and you just want to use his super-duper DL speed instead of your rubbish DL....  (yes, I am most likely being overly generous there)


You can do the following:


You can go to your mates house, you can use your HD, recover your GT on his console, DL the maps to your HD, under you GT,

You can then go home, Recover your GT on your account and then play the maps  on your console - although you may have to transfer the license to your box (not entirely clear on that bit though).


Your friend would not be able to use them on his box as he didn't BUY them.


Of course, you could DL the Map pack at your home, avoid all the hassle above and just watch some TV, walk the dog, eat dinner, do your home work, washing up, or whatever whilst it downloads...