Downloading issue help please

Ok , while I lived in the states I had a 360 and bought fable II for it which came with the full digital download as well as the disk.

I moved back to the UK and left my 360 over there ( with all my games ) and recently over christmas I picked up a new 360 and activated my original US live account on it.

Now while looking through my download history ( as I dont have many games at the mo ) and realised I could re-download fable II which I have tried now quite a few times.

Previous attempts I have had the download going and got bored , watched a movie or 1 of my disk games which of course pauses the download. Then when finishing whatever I am doing , then as you would expect the download would resume.

However , as it got near the end of the download it would throw up an error saying fable II could not be downloaded. Now in the end I figured it was because I kept interupting it , so today I started the download and just sat there watching it and doing nothing else with the box.

It got all the way to about 98 or 99% and arrrg up pops the error again !!.

Has anyone come across this problem before , and if so how did you resolve it ? .

Is it a licencing problem because it was 1st installed on a different box ? 


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ive downloaded it 3 times but this 4th time i got the same thing you dide its a bummerbi really want to continue on it to complete. its messed up that its happening.

This sounds like an issue with x-box live itself click above SUPPORT