Downloading game to Xbox ok yet??

I thought I read / heard soon after the game released, it wasn't a good idea to DL to the xbox hard drive.  Something about causing even more problems I guess.

I only have about 18 hrs into the game.. I had so many other games to play first, I didn't want to get hooked and have it suck my life away before I got a chance to play the other ones first.

I was noticing the frame rate issues and freezing.. and wanted to install it to, hopefully, cut down on that.  Any success with doing this now??  I haven't been in the Skyrim loop since the end of Nov I think.

Thanks for any info.


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Yes, it is safe to install to the HD.  I bought my copy on Christmas eve and installed day 1 with no trouble.

Never had installation related issues.

Installed it the day I got it. No problems. I still get frame rate drops, but those are easy to fix. Save, Load that Save, and problem solved. Reloading the area seems to help.

I installed it at midnight on release and have never had a problem.  But the problems some where having was patched in one of the first patches.

I installed from the disc and haven't had any install problems. Quieter and the patches are what they are.

Thanks for the replies.. Looks like I might have to fire it up.