Downloading English Dawnguard with German Account?

I live in Germany, but since I'm very much opposed to "dubbing" I always import my games from the UK in order to enjoy them as they were intended - without painful translations. So naturally I'm now a bit worried about Dawnguard - I want to download it, but I'm afraid it might be in German when I do. I would absolutely hate that. Does anyone know if it's possible to download Dawnguard in English here in Germany, and if so, how?!


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Hey guys, I read this thread yesterday because I had the same problem as you. I live in Barcelona, Spain, and an hour ago I called to the spanish number of xbox client support and they told me the language could not be changed because it depends on the country the gamertag was created in. But, yesterday I searched for "dawnguard english" (without "s) in the xbox marketplace and found a DLC that didnt have (Español), (Spanish), next to it. And after calling I've tried it and it's the english version :D

They stil have charged me another time for it, but I'll try to fix that, it's the same content but with different audio after all.

I hope I helped you, hafe fun with the game!

MS's Xbox Live is far behind Valves Steam in this regard, where you can download other languages with ease, its a real pain. Especially with Dawnguard, since the German version is totally broken and unplayable, wich is known by now, but it is non the less still advertised. Wich is why I bought it today and was deeply dissatisfied. Way to go.

I actually have the same problem - I own the UK version of Skyrim and downloaded Dawnguard with my german account - problem is, now the main game is in english with english audio, but the Dawnguard bits have german audio, which is really annoying. Is there a way to get the english speech pack?