Downloaded Skin Pack. Can't access them in any way. How?

I have read and read. It seems to access the skins you unlock in through the game can only be accessed through New Game +. I haven't beat the game and am trying to find where my downloaded skins are. Don't tell me you seriously have to beat the game to access the downloaded ones as well? 

I quit and continued my game. No dice.

I started a new game. No dice.

I got to the batsuit drop at the beginning of the new game. No dice.

If I can't access them right now, biggest waste of money ever. 

Any help, please? 


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You have to finish the main story mode before you can use these skins. They are not only in the new game plus mode but also in your previously finished game.  Once you finish the main story mode you can continue where you last left off and it gives you the option to choose which batsuit you want to use.  The batman beyond skin is awesome.

Thank you. That is the skin I am really looking forward to as well. Animated Batman is also one I can't wait to play with.

Well thats a load of BS, now i have to rush through this beautiful game's main stroy to wear the outfit I bought

I can't continue in a new suit.  Is it just because I finished the Main Story on Easy?  The only place I can wear the different suits is in the Challenge Rooms.

I also cannot access a new skin!

I'd completed the story mode (on easy) and had already started a new game on normal when I downloaded the skins.


No "reward" for playing on easy. Come on guys, easy mode?

reward??? people paid for this content.  It shouldn't be locked behind something further. I'd say that makes this the most Egregious dlc ever.  Yes, even more than horse armor. :)

I purchased year one Robin and some skins package. Does anyone know where I can find Robin. I can't find him anywhere.