Downloaded signature edition content, can't play without being LIVE?

My friend got the Dragon Age Signature Edition game, but she doesn't have Xbox LIVE so she came to my place to download the extra content (The Exiled Prince and The Black Emporium).

Now she can't load that file at her place because she doesn't have Xbox LIVE.

My question is if she can fix this in any way? It seems weird that you can't play Dragon Age without being LIVE.


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Did she bring her Xbox around to download the DLC, or just her gamertag?

Her hard drive and her tag, but not the xbox itself. Does that make it a license problem?

Sorry, but the extra content won't work without a connection to XBL.  Just more cr*ppy copy protection schemes they inflict upon the innocent (a pirated version doesn't have this problem).

I've played the game with The Black Emporium on another Xbox and all I needed was my gamertag on a memory module.

Why doesn't she have XBL?  No internet connection?  Xbox just not connected (and doesn't want to run a cable to it)?