Downloaded games not playable offline...

I take my Xbox to work with me each week and what was possible weeks before is not do-able now. I noticed that I can no longer play Trials Evolution and From Dust offline. 

What's the deal Xbox Nation? lol....ah it's just weird that I can't play these games at work anymore, They just show up as Demos.

I realize it's probably not the games themselves, or could be since I've downloaded more game recently and can play them offline. No big loss. 

Anyone else have this happen?


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Are you playing on the gamertag that actually purchased them?  Or did you originally purchase them on another console?

Same Gamertag. From Dust was purchased on old console. Trials was purchased I think on this one I can't remember. But I was playing a week earlier I can't see that being the issue.

Sounds like you may need to do a license transfer.

You need to do a license transfer if you have brought a new console.

Ok thanks....why would it suddenly not let me play even though I've been playing on that console weeks prior. Oh well. Thanks again!

I don't know tbh. It could be game specific though licenses transfers are usually the solution.

licenses get funny. I can still play the full version of Castlevania HD on both of my consoles with all our family's gamer tags, but after doing a Lic Tfr, Castlevania:SoTN only works on one. I'd recommend the lic tfr too.