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I'm sure this has been asked and answered a thousand times yet with the new forum layout I just don't frequent these forums as often as I had (I can currently make new posts yet I can't comment on any old posts); anyway I'm wondering if there's been any mention of how we can get all of the new downloadable characters aside from preordering 3-4 new games from the differant locations (bestbuy/amazon and so forth).  Has their been any rumors about future downloadable content that will include these characters?


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Nothing official but with MS and Epic milking Gears for every last penny I would expect them to be on the Marketplace after a few months of release.

or you could go to ebay  and pay $60 for 1 character

They are eventually gonna be DLC. Just wait guys!

I hope you guys are right, and $60 is nuts!!!

$30 for all DLC isn't too bad though... if they release them during season pass, they''re all free.

Rod mentioned in a broadcast last week that the DLC packs contained characters, i think its safe to assume that these are the pre-order bonus characters.

not really as the picture with the Season Pass was someone new

Rod talked bout DLC characters, that's probably gonna be like Raam and Kim, etc. (that's what I've been reading on forums). As for the Savage Kantus, Grenadier Elite, etc. Those are more than likely "NOT" gonna be released as DLC.

Exclusive characters or Exclusive skins, "will remain" Exclusive.

Like Rod said bout the "green" skins for the weapons, "they will remain exclusive" so those will be only obtainable through someway not yet announced and not made for DLC...

If they made them available to the public that pretty much does away with "Exclusive"...

Epic would **** a lot of people off that played the beta if they made the flaming weapons available to everyone...

But anyhoo, IMHO if you want a certain skin or all of them, you better order from the place that has the character you want or pay through the nose on ebay for it..

Thank of it like the Gold Lancer and Hb, they were exclusive and you couldn't get them any other way with the exception of Rod giving "some" codes away here and there or you could buy them on ebay. With having said that, They were "never" released as a DLC...

Sorry but Epic does not know the meaning of "exclusive" The preorder skins will more than likely be available after release.

Golden Retro Lancer was exclusive to the beta but now you can get it with VG achievement

Golden lancer and HB were exclusive to GoW 2 but now you can get it with VG achievement

Infected Omen skins were exclusive to the Epic Edition but now you can get them with the console AND controller

the new guy in the DLC picture is Micheal Barrick he's in the comic series that follows Jake and he die in very quickly, but he is 100% awesome.