Download the dead island update on computer.

Hello, is it possible to download the update anywhere on the internet? Couldn't find it.

I got the newest xbox, this is my second one. But for some reason i cant download most updates.. Online gaming i have no problems with once i got a update.

Now i really want to try Dead Island online, but my piece of *** Xbox wont let me. Does anyone know where i can download the update so i can put it on a memory stick?

Or better, does anyone know if there is a way to fix the xbox? 

I got this status code; 351F-0000-d080-0200-8007-045D

The support thing, doesnt help for ***. Already cleared my cache and tryed everything i can think of..

Cant really send the xbox back, since im practically homeless and move around a lot.

Cheers, B.


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I don't think it's possible to download the update online, I'm sorry to say. I know you can download the Dashboard update from the internet, or you can also get it on game discs, but you can't download individual game updates. Have you tried using Twitter and hitting up the @XboxSupport account? They respond really quickly to questions, and I can't recommend them enough.

You can't add game updates like that unfortunately. Dead Island however uses the new XGD3 disc layout and that is seemingly causing trouble in some 360s, especially those which have had the drive replaced by someone other than Microsoft.

No i haven't tried that, i dont got Twitter.

Do they have support on facebook aswell?

And i think they will just say that i have to send it in.. And i cant at the moment.

Made a twitter account, can only make verry short messages.. But i did, but they ignore me. Already sent 3 messages..