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I bought some downloads from xbox live for Risen 2. If I delete them, they will be gone, right? So is there a way to put the downloads I purchased on the cloud storage? If there is a way to do it, and I do...will they be there when I play that game again? I don't have an external hard drive so the downloads are taking up a lot of the memory on my console. So what I want to know is can I put them on the cloud storage then delete them from my console, but still have acess to them when I want them?


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Cloud Storage is only reserved for game saves from what I've seen. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

You can delete content and re-download later if needed. Download History will show everything the account has ever downloaded.



If I delete content and re-download later....wouldn't I have to pay for it again? And thanks for the help :)  Is there a way to download it from the xbox to the PC...and re-transfer it to the xbox when needed? I spent like $25 on extras for Risen 2 , which is all good, but now I want to download extras for other games and don't have the room on my console, but don't want to loose it. I may want to play it again some day.

^No you wouldn't have to pay for it again.  And as far as I know there is no way to download it to a PC and then re-download it.  

Beast summed up the wouldn't have to pay for it again but I wanted to throw in that when you delete the stuff off of the hard drive you get that memory used for the deleted stuff back so all deleted stuff lays dorment in your download history until your ready for it again. Everything you delete gives you your used memory back and is still yours to use whenever your ready to re download it.No worries about getting extra stuff.

If you download something, anything, you technically own it. I've re-downloaded map packs, live arcade games and many more. Everything can be found in the download history section. I actually didn't know a while back that that's where you can re-download your games.

Also one other good thing about the download history, is that you can re-download games that have since been taken off of XBL.

Hey OP -also if you delete a game your save files will remain on your hard drive.So you will not be starting over from scratch.Also-what did you think of the game? I really really liked it but found it odd that as I got better gear and abilities the enemies never got any easier.