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Double XP on all playlists and platforms 5/23-5/29!/InfinityWard/status/205118387410567170


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Sexy. Maybe I will do another Prestige.

I am going to try and push through to XX. I am about halfway through 17 now with 2 prestige tokens and 4 hours of clan 2x XP. Grinding all week.

Nice, good luck : )


I'm on 15th and getting a bit bored of Prestiging so I wasn't intending to do so, but going for another one is so easy in Double EXP. Might even be able to get the majority of two in.


Also, where does your name come from? I'm curious...

A bunch of Tom Clancy novels. He was the leader of Rainbow 6 at one point in the games as well.

If you like to read then you should check out Without Remorse. It is his origins into the Tom Clancy universe.

I thought so :D


Tom Clancy and Stephen King are my favourite authors, and I did like Mr. Clark. I loved the Rainbow Six novel and though I haven't read them all, I also love the novels starting with The Hunt for Red October. Awesome read.


I haven't read Without Remorse, I don't think, but he appears in The Sum of All Fears as well, I believe.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988)

Clear and Present Danger (1989)

The Sum of All Fears (1991)

Without Remorse (1993)

Debt of Honor (1994)

Executive Orders (1996)

Rainbow Six (1998)

The Bear and the Dragon (2000)

The Teeth of the Tiger (2003)

Dead or Alive (2010)

All his actual appearances. Plus he is hinted at being the contact in Patriot Games that finds the camp they watch get blown up on sat. He is a total bad @@@. Def check Without Remorse.

I started Without Remorse at one point but don't think I finished it.  Actually, I don't think I've ever finished a Tom Clancy novel.  Probably because I haven't tried to read one since I was twelve (not the level of reading but the length that always got me back then haha).  Good books though, need to pick one up again when I have time.

I haven't logged in much online time with MW3 lately but with the Double XP incentive this week I might as well.


I've only read one Tom Clancy novel. I cannot remember the name but it was a great read. I just finished Stephen King's Under the Dome the other day.

There are parts of all his books that I think he goes into waaaaaaaay toooo much detail about s*** I would have to go to an 8 yr graduate school to understand. Lol. Those parts can also drag a little but he is a great writer and evokes some pretty good emotion. You should def give Without Remorse another go.

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