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I activated my 4 hours DBL xp, but how can i tell if i am actually getting it.  When i get a kill, i get the 100 (according to the in game stats) and when i look up the after game stats it all adds up correctly, but to 1x xp, not double.

I dis notice a bright yellow "XP" icon - does this mean that dbl xp is working correctly?



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It tells you when you look at 'barracks'. At the bottom of all the stats, assuming you can read.

I found that if you add it while in multiplayer you need to back all the way out and then get back in. I added mine between matches while playing with a friend and it wasn't working. After I backed out and went back in it was. Also you can tell by looking at the bottom of the barracks screen it should say how much double xp time is left.

Thanks Voided Soul - I'll check when i am on it again shortly :)

Bionic - why the smart *** comment - was it really needed??............Idiot!

I wasted 3 hours from Mountain Dew apparently...I was in the multiplayer lobby when I applied the 2xp, and it never showed up...

I did the same thing I don't think you wasted it just back out and then go back in, all the way out to where you select campaign or multi. It should be there. Also keep in mind that the server is being slammed right now. It took me 10 min just to log into the site so I could apply it.

So if I purchase dbl xp for rank or weapon rank with my tokens just apply them back out and start up the game again?

Just hold on to them till the 1st DoubleXP weekend and get QuadXP

Not sure about the tokens haven't used them, I'm personally gonna use em to carry over something through my prestige levels. I'm just referring to the dew and doritos xp, but I would guess it's the same. I did hear that they were having issues with the tokens so if that's what you're using them for I might hold off for a bit to give them time to work out all the bugs.