Double XP question !!

Hey people, quick question regarding double xp points. So lets say I finish a challenge for my weapon or whatever that nets me a 10,000 bonus, during double xp will that 10,000 be 20,000 ??!!

I know my match xp will be doubled obviously but will challenges be doubled as well for the total xp ?


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Challenges aren't doubled.

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no just whatever you earn IN game. i suggest you playing search non stop the entire weekend, even if you dont like it, by the end of the weekend im sure you will LOVE IT. trust me, i got around 20-30 k a game last time around playing search.

@ADrunkCanadian: Oh yeah, Search & Destroy gives you tons of in game points, thanks !!

@Swankie: Thanks :)

14th prestige here i come.

another tip, in a sense it does give you more cod points, because whatever XP you earn in a match it gives you a certain percentage of cod points every game i cant remember the exact percentage though, just look at it one game and try and calculate it yourself.

When is the next double xp date??