Double Taxed on Expansion Pass

(First off, I'm not altogether sure where else to post this, so I apologize if this is inappropriate.)

I bought the Destiny Expansion Pass at Gamestop for $35+tax = $37.19 (USD)

I redeem the 25-digit code for ... $35. Ok, so it was a glorified gift card....

I go to the Expansion Pass in the Store and download it.  It costs $35 + tax = $36.17

Why?  I don't care that the tax happens to be at different rates, I want to know why was I taxed on both the "gift card" and the expansion pass? Was it because the "gift card" was advertized as something more substantial than a gift card, and thus it could actually be taxed?

Seriously, help me understand this.


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Its horrible marketing! Most(maybe all) of the Xbox cards you can buy for downloads are really just decorated gift cards. It has always seemed a little deceptive to me.