Double EXP Question

Can anyone confirm what will happen in three days when Double EXP codes can no longer be redeemed?


1) For example, if I've got 60 games that have been gifted to me, can I still apply the games after the period, or would I have to apply them all now?

2) Do games I have saved up simply disappear, becoming wasted?


Obviously codes can't be redeemed in three days but I'm curious as to what happens to games you've already got on your account.


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You have to play the games before the 31st. ( T&C's on the redemption site) "Use it or lose it" unfortunately.



A pity.

It looks like you can only enter new codes until January 31st, but you'll be able to use the codes until March 31st.  This is from the rules:

Codes can be entered on the Website until 11:59:59 pm ET on Thursday, January 31, 2013. Once codes are redeemed through the Website, they must also be applied to a Gamer ID/Gamer tag before they are available in Halo 4 on the Xbox LIVE platform (as outlined below). Codes that have not been applied to a Gamer ID/Gamer tag before March 31, 2013 will be forfeited.



I'll take that explanation, thank you. That's good news, as I've given away more games than could conceivably be used in the next two days and I'd hate for them to go to waste.


Thank you.

Ah cool. So just 3 more days to find those last few cases & bottles with the codes. My kid will be pretty psyched, he's still got a few games left and won't get to play until Saturday.

I would gladly help you use them :)

lol...i stopped using those awhile ago. so i just have to play a little bit more to get the benefit of the extra what?