Double Death Glitch

Back from Black Ops?

Notice I was killed during and after the predator missile.


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I have "double death" glitches all the time.

I'll die, right, and then when i respawn, somebody has there sights locked on me and takes me out.

pretty common.

What  you just said is not a glitch, it is just bad spawns. If you actually watch the video you will understand what I am talking about.


i thought my sarcasm was pretty clear=/

in either case, dying when you spawn is DYING WHEN YOU SPAWN.

Both the glitch and the bad spawning are bad and need fixed.

Watch your killcams and dont spawn in so fast after getting killed. I sometimes do it. Ill die from a Stealth Bomber on one side of the map, then Ill skip the killcam and quickly respawn back in, now on the other side of the map and catch the back end of the same Stealth Bomber.............../facepalm.


I was killed by the same player twice in a split second even though I spawned across the map. This has nothing to do with spawns. The player kept firing into my dead body and I died AGAIN right after I spawned. This is a glitch from Black Ops.

^^Oh, I gotcha, the double body/kill glitch. Only solution IS to "WATCH THE KILLCAM". Let those precious seconds tick away before respawning back in to avoid the "double kill."