Double and quadruple xp strategies

What do you guys think the best strategy is for the xp weekend? I plan on running alot of uav/vest/recon drone or the specialist package in k/c and snd. I'm also going to get a few guns close to 10k xp challenges and then slap on quadruple xp....does anyone know what double xp doesn't count towards?

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Challenges are not multiplied, so it doesn't matter if you use extra xp for gun challenges

I'll just run hardline and specialist in FFA. Every 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th streak gives a bonus 100 points minimum

So the 10k xp you get for veteran gun challenges do not count?  Good to know.  I gotta figure out what does count so I can power through two prestiges.  Im staying at 10 for a while.

specialist killstreaks do not give bonuses either. I think the best thing you can do for xp is get a full party and play SnD and rush 24/7. It only takes 3-5 minutues of your double xp off if you do it right. Also, 2000 points per kill, 4000 points per plant and headshot?! Are you kidding me? play that

I'd say Domination or Kill Confirmed.

Domination (with Quad XP)

  • 200 points per kill no matter what. Slap another 150 per kill on if you get it on offense or defense. Kill a guy capping your flag = guaranteed 350 xp.
  • Cap a flag. This could be very lucrative especially if you are running specialist with hardline. Since you get a point for capping flags, and you regularly get 150 xp every time you get a perk with specialist, that means you should get 1200 xp just for capping your home flag.
  • Additionally, you'll get  quad xp of 200 tacked onto every kill for longshots, headshots, paybacks, comebacks, rescuer, avenger, etc, which there is plenty of chance for in Domination.

Kill Confirmed (with Quad XP)

  • 200 xp per kill.
  • 200 xp per confirm or deny
  • 1000 xp for getting your own tag back. I usually make it a point to try as hard as I can to get my own tag back if possible.

Obviously, Search will give you mega xp per kill and even assists. But I have no tolerance for that game mode. These two are my favorites, along with Team Defender moving up my list as well.

i got 75 kills in one game of demolition yesterday, and i get 40 quite frequently.

I don't bother using Support killstreaks. I can literally place vests at teammate's feet and they still don't pick them up.

Specialist is where its at. Use a token on db xp + the db xp weekend = quad. An if you get a moab id assume it would make it 8x xp for the rest of the game correct?

ThaT sounds like a plan.....but I don't think i'll ever get a MOAB....I've been close but just can not seem to do it.