Dose anyone play the NEW MAPS form the add on, Criminal Activity

The maps are EMPTY, Does any one in the planet play on them. If not what a waste of money, I know the game was Sh*T but not this bad.


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I'll probably get premium when it goes on sale.  I know I got BF4 premium 50% off on Black Friday last year.  That's when I bought it.  But by then Star Wars Battlefront will be out.  Be busy playing that so premium for Hardline will take a back seat even if I buy it.

Can anyone read this post really, I got the dlc for new maps and guns and I can't get into the new maps, Does any one else have the same problem, And I'm not talking about the next Black Friday coming or past.....

I have a friend that has Hardline premium and he likes the maps.  Last I checked the server browser the premium lobbies are not that full.  So I might not even buy it now.  If you cant join the dlc lobbies probably head over to the battlelog and get support.  You wont get Dice or EA over here looking at these forums.  Or best yet use twitter for faster replies.

I see a handful of (semi) dead CA servers, that's all. Perhaps there's something wrong with teh server browser, perhaps the game is just so dead, idk. It's annoying but it does seem like people all over the internet are in the same situation so I guess no-one really bothered with premium/buying these map packs seperately... :(

Wait till Black Friday maybe Hardline premium goes 50% off like BF4 premium did.  That's when I bought.