doritos crash course leaderboard question

Will this even be fix?


I remember I was in a good standing rank usa level 1 I believe I was around 55 rank or so now I am around 50000 rank for example cause you see 0:00:01 sec rank.. I even see people have gamer score around 20000 or greater even less.


I mean what is the point buying a game while in a trial shows up (full version you get leaderboards, full access) after you buy the game you see impossible cheats like 1 sec <--- this is a example.


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well doritos crash course is free so you didnt actually buy it and having more than 20000 gamerscore isnt that special i mean you almost have 20000 yourself

Did you notice I mention (example) as 20000 or greater meaning 30k40k  around there I also mention trials that show up (full version).

I knew doritos crash course is free -_-, I also know you didn't read hacking the leader board or using a glitch to the leader board is against the rules..

Their are people that want to be on the leaderboard, If you don't have anything value then don't reply Euphoric

He's right though. It's a free game so it most likely will never be fixed. They do not care and they have no incentive. It's not even a real game it's an advertising game basically. I think it's fun but it was dead in the water from day 1.

I am sensing some rather hostile feelings against me i am well aware that cheating is against the rules and you cant expect to much considering it is a free game it will get more attention cheatwise and all and 30-40k still isnt that much and very much doable legit i mean the highest legit gamerscore is over 500k and i believe what i write is of some value and i dont care if you want to be on leaderboard or not that is your choice has nothing to do with me and i never said anything about leaderboards anyway all i did was point out some things that you had wrong its not right to cheat but it is not really worth microsofts time if its just leaderboard considering its not actually destroying anyones gameplay in a major way.

You can take comfort knowing all my Japan time are real.