So I really enjoyed Rage, when completed I felt compelled to look at some other id stuff that for one reason or another I missed. Anyone know what happened to Doom3 it's missing from the marketplace.

Will it come back? If not i'll pick up a hard copy somewhere, but my peference would be for the download.  Really enjoying wolfenstein 3d too.


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i also have been looking for it..............

I'm not sure, but there is a chance that they dropped it when they decided to not support backward compatibility anymore. Just a theory but it's the only thing I can think of. Doom 1 and 2 are still available, it's a shame that D 3 isn't. Did they ever do a retail disc release for the 360, or is it only available on the original Xbox? Be aware, if it IS only available for the original Xbox then it may or may not work on your 360. I have no idea if it still works after backward compatibitlity was dropped.

Doom 3 was such a great game.  Had a blast with the co-op on the xbox.  

 hey any idea where to find it on the bob

Doesn't  look like Doom 3 will be back and can't find any reason for it's absence all the other xbox originals are stil there.

Anyway i picked up the XBOX versions of both Doom3 and it's sequel Resurrection of Evil and they both work fine on the 360 if anyone is interested. Picked up Quake 4 too for good measure, great stuff.

Ahhh, thats why then.

Just noticed this myself ,

Those money grabbers. Can't wait!

WOW! The BGF Edition is gonna be loaded. Day 1 buy! Thank goodness they will have a shoulder mounted flashlight this time so that we can see ans shoot at the same time.

DOOM 1 and 2 plus new content included, ...WOOT!