Doom titles we need for XBLA

Final Doom

Master Levels for Doom 2

Doom 64

Obviously I'm a big Doom fan.  I like playing it on the PC, but I LOVE playing it on the Xbox.  There's gotta be a way to get these classic titles onto the XBLA.


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Final Doom & Doom 64 would (nearly) complete my library! It took me a while to really appreciate Doom 64, but it truly is a Doom game and experience. The weapons, level design, and enemies all stay true to the Doom universe. And the creepy music adds to the lonely demonic atmosphere.

One of the reasons I'm not getting a PS4/Xbox One is because Steam pretty much has ALL sorts of games. Heretic, Hexen, all the Doom games, Quake, etc. Microsoft is missing a big opportunity with these classic titles. Instead we're getting garbage XBLA titles. Very sad.

It 'd be nice to see these pop up on their anniversaries or something.