Dont you just hate the BF3 v COD

Hey all im yet to pick up my copy of BF3, may go to the midnight launch tonight. With a new shooter on the market your bound to get the haters of either game having a rant. I like many others enjoy fps in general and im not drawn to one more than the other. COD has a massive fan base and in my opinion i dont think BF3 will be the COD beater everyone suggested it would be but it will be a very very good alternative. So each to their own and enjoy whatever you play as you pay good money to do so, feel free to add me for either BF3 or COD once released. 


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i love both games for different reasons! but hey i love winding up hardcore fan boys of both titles!! shame its just young kids really lol

I agree,both are good in different ways it's just some people don't give the other a chance and stick to what they know.

they are both pretty good, but Mw2 was a huge disappointment it was over the top and there were hackers galore. I haven't really gotten to play the mp for this yet since on tuesday i just kept getting kicked off the servers. Hopefully tonight when i get home from work i can get in a good session