If your like me, you were unsure of if you wanted to buy this game after playing the demo. So considering i have the blockbuster in store pass i figured I would try it out before i buy it, but apparently you cant play online unless you bought the game new and have a code or pay 800 ms points. I expected an online pass needed for this game but i didn't expect  them to not even give a trail first all of EA's other games have at least a 2 day trail for their online this however does not.

Well EA considering you put out a bad demo and I cant even test out the multiplayer in the full game to see if its worth buying you lost out on my money.


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All if not must EA games are like this now, no big surprise there

I can see the logic though, once you rent the game and enter the code you could then buy a used copy and play online regardless, also the rented copy could only be used once per person, so would be useless once the first person used it.

that's not what my point is my point is that all of the other EA games have at least a 2 day trial no code needed this however does not. I knew it would need a code to play online but i expected a 2 day trial at least. EA is just a greedy money hungry company who doesn't care about their long time customers.

You lost me at "If you're like me..." because evidently I'm not.

They should make a temporary pass available. A week or a couple of days for like 400 ms points . They'd make a fortune from all the renters.

Or just buy the game. You people do not complain about COD like this why start with BF. They are doing the same thing with COD. I would say 100% of game by next year will have this code system. Whats the big deal? Do you know how much it cost to run server of this size? You think you should be able to play for free? Give me a break fork over the $10 if your to cheep to buy the game. If you do not like it then your out $10.

Mine is pre-ordered and on its way . No need to go mental over a guy who wants to try it though!!!

to misfitswitch....

I don't wanna buy it when i didn't like the demo I wanted to try the full game and see how i felt about it all i wanted was a short online pass to see if i wanted to buy the game or not. I wanted to play it with the vehicles and all in it the demo sucked horribly.So no I'm not gonna go waste $65 when i am only able to buy a game every once in a while because i have a child and wife to feed, house to pay for along with all the bills. Also as far as cod goes i don't think i will be buying that game either its getting to repetitive its the same game every single year except with new maps and perks.

The big deal is people like you who actually agree with this system are stupid why should I have to pay for online that i already pay for 2 times why should I have to pay a 3rd. I pay for my internet connection plus Xbox live. If it were the ps3 i could understand because they don't pay a dime for online. you act like these companies aren't already making enough money EA is over a billion dollar company.

obviously money is something you can just throw away but i have a family to worry about and cant just blow money anytime I want to. If these companies wanna make extra money then just put out a game that's worth keeping and buying all of the dlc for. for example gears of war 3 great game you don't need any online code to play online and they just added extra camos and have dlc coming out to make their extra money but then again epic games is a company who care about their customers.

finally why would i waste $10 for a game I'm unsure of and don't own. like I said all I wanted was a few hours to try out the online for free i don't think that's a lot to ask for. chances are if they gave me the chance to play the game i would prolly have spent the $65 on it but instead my money will be being spent on assassins creed revelations.

Some with 109073 gamer points plays a lot of games using there blockbuster pass or gamefly. I know you did not buy off these games. This is the hole reason they started this. People pay some one else and play online for free. Is how can a company keep servers up and making patches if they are not getting money? Unless they get a cut of every game rented then i do not see how you think is is OK.

I understand the online pass but you should at least be able use the pass one more then one account.


People with big famlies have more then one xbox and accounts and even if they buy the game new they have to pay extra just to let another family member play the game.  Thats just double dipping plain and simple.

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