Dont buy Daggerdale!

Ok devs I know you guys read forums but this has got to stop.This game is so badly glitched I cant even play it.Everytime I get to the Teifling fight pit all my skills are gone and my hotkeys dissapeared.This has happened more then 3 times and I am sick of playing this far only to have to delete my guy.


Did you people even test this game ? Why did we have to pay for this crap ? I am so beyond upset that I gave my money for this craptacular turdfest of a game.Shame on you for charging us and I will try to thwart anyone who may be interested in this game from NOT buying it.I dont care how your time restraints may have affected the development of the game but this kind of stuff is beyond uncool.Some guys if you had any interest in this game please dont buy it.Its time these game companies step it up not a bit BUT ALOT this is getting out of hand.Paying customers getting a ****product and using us to alpha test your software.Needless to say, I am disapointed and will never buy a game from this developer.


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Its supposed to happen. Once you pass that part you can remap them, you need to make sure you are not on the character info screen and on the last tab of where the weapon, armor, jewelery selection screen is the 4th tab is to map skills. If you are still having trouble I can make a screen shot for you.

Also I agree this game needs serious patching.

A patch is in certification for Daggerdale.

But there is an issue with actually losing skills during the game. I am not sure if it s a glitch from fighting goblin hexer's when they curse you. But all my characters except my dwarf lost the top row skill during play, the dwarf lost 2 skills. While I only noticed some of them missing after the tiefling fight when I went to reassign them, with my dwarf I discovered them missing before that point.  I was actually able to still use them as long as I didn't map over them, but I could not assign points to them or anything, and the points assigned to them were gone. I also could not remap them once unmapped.

ye def needs patching lag on it aswell bad havnt played since come out cudnt cope with the glitches

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But there is an issue with actually losing skills during the game.[/quote]


This is being fixed in the patch which is in certification.


I just had tons of luck then, my first character I thought I lost my skills but then I learned I couldn't map the skills in the character info screen thing and I have never ever lost a skill on the other 3 chars I made. Sorry it happened, whats funny though is the supposed patch is in certification for how long? Too Long...

It's only just recently gone into certification. Expect it anywhere up to two weeks from now no problems pending.

Maybe here : the devs can hear your complain.  

Thenx for the replies guys, to the person that said the skill loss is suppose to happen, Yes but mine are literally GONE even after that part of the game :( good to hear a patch in in the works.I was really upset last night when I posted this so I apologize if I came off as a hothead.