Donating to the Light?

Hi Fable fans. I'm new to the game and just doing the Donating to the Light task. I gave 500 to start with. Then gave 10000 at 12;01 then 1000 at 12;30. I have gotten the Harvest Rewards. But it still says I need to give more money. 

How much more do I have to give these guys?


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The quest never ends. You can keep on doing it and getting the Harvest Reward.

Well that's kind of lame. Why do they have a task that never ends? My buddy give me a spoiler for it. So when the time comes, we'll see.

Because, if you keep giving 1000g, you gain +25 good points, so you can use this to get the cheevo for pure goodness. 5000g is +75 good points, so more economical to do 1000g.

It is the same with the westcliff shooting game thing, i got the highest score (which gives you one of the best pistols in the game) and it still shows up in my quests. which BTW are all done lol. I played the heck out of fable 2 i love it. just gotta find the last of the Silver keys and gargoyles. Though i wish i took Lady Grey away from the dude but oh well. Playing Fable 2 makes me wanna play Fable 1 again too bad i sold it a long time ago.