Don't want to get busted in modded lobbies!

  Haven't been on Live for awhile, but have a 48 hour card. Since MW3 has the double XP, thought I'd give it a shot. I have a couple of questions, though.

  I thought I'd play some MW2, BOP'S and maybe WAW. But I've heard some of these games are pretty much a hackfest. What happens if I get into (accidently) a modded lobby? Would I get perma-banned? I see some in the suspension forums are getting banned for "participating" in modded lobbies. Are these people that "knowingly" join these modded lobbies or are they just random's, getting thrown into these lobbies that might happen to me? It would kind of suck to get banned for not knowing you joined one of these modded lobbies! Thanks for any info!!!!!


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They knowingly Join the Modded Lobby. If by the slim chance you do get into a Modded Lobby simply turn off your Console immediately.

OK. Thanks......

From what I've heard you should just avoid WaW completely at this point. MW2 is probably ok most of the time but I heard it's modded now too. Black Ops and MW3 should be just fine though.

I have WaW and yeah not much people play it. Around 6000 a day plays it online and there's a lot of hackers but you can get into a couple of games where there's no hackers.

i've not encountered any hacked lobbies in MW2 or Blops however it's been a while since i've played either. if you do find one, escape to dashboard. from what i gather people only get perma-banned if they're knowingly participating, so if they find a hacked lobby and continue to stay in it and gain xp